Welcome To Greater Philadelphia

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Welcome to Greater Philadelphia

Come enjoy a world-class region recognized for its celebrated past and a place that will continue to make its mark in the future. Greater Philadelphia's current stature as a thriving metropolis perfectly complements its storied tradition. We hope you choose to make a bit of your own history here.

Greater Philadelphia stretches from southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey down into northern Delaware. Its position on the East Coast, with immediate access to land, air, rail and river transportation, makes it one of the most accessible regions in the country. The region is at the center of the Northeast Corridor, conveniently situated between New York City and Washington, D.C.

While Greater Philadelphia encompasses portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, state lines do not define the region's identity. The residents and resources of this tri-state area are so intertwined, both socially and economically, that it's not at all uncommon to live, work and play among all three. Greater Philadelphians, therefore, have the luxury of sharing not one but three prominent cities: Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington. There is no doubt that these cities provide the backbone for the region, linking assets and strengthening the ties that bind our 11 counties.

The resources and attractions of Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington give the region a distinctive advantage for prosperous growth. These three cities, along with the many neighboring communities, provide a wealth of opportunities to the residents and workers of Greater Philadelphia. And although each city and community is distinct, all three work together to improve the region as a whole and bolster our national competitiveness.

You will certainly not regret the decision to relocate your family or business to Greater Philadelphia. The region echoes what has been, embraces what is and sets the precedent for what will be. It is indeed a region where history shapes our character and progress shapes our future. We welcome you with open arms. Join us today and become part of a truly world-class region.

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