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About Welcome To Greater Philadelphia

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Welcome to Greater Philadelphia is specifically designed to make your move to this region an easier process. Whether you're relocating your family, company or just yourself, you'll need access to a lot of vital information — details about neighborhoods and housing, schools, businesses, cultural attractions, recreational activities and so much more. You're faced with an array of decisions and tasks that may seem overwhelming and endless. Here's a way to make your relocation less stressful. Welcome to Greater Philadelphia is packed with information that newcomers need, as well as details about the many amenities that make Greater Philadelphia exciting and unique. It is an invaluable reference for anyone who needs a complete guide to resources available in the region.

The publication provides a broad overview of the city of Philadelphia and each of the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware that make up the Greater Philadelphia region. Each section of the publication emphasizes different aspects of life in the region and also includes listings of relevant businesses, attractions, or organizations. Unfortunately, because of space constraints, we cannot include every community, every business establishment and every attraction in the region. Therefore, Welcome to Greater Philadelphia reflects a sampling of those that we feel provide a comprehensive impression of Greater Philadelphia. We have included numerous Web sites or phone numbers to help you acquire any additional information you may need. Also be sure to visit the online version of this guide at www.welcometophila.com.

Wherever you choose to make your home in the region, we hope this guide will help make your relocation enjoyable, enlightening and hassle-free.

We would like to thank SelectGreater Philadelphia for theircontributions to this year's book. To learn more about our region, visit www.selectgreaterphiladelphia.com.

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