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The Greater Philadelphia region is reaping the rewards of a diverse economy, once driven by manufacturing but now fueled by knowledge-based sectors like education and health services, life sciences, professional and business services, financial activities and information technology. These clusters require highly educated and skilled workers, which made up 44 percent of the region's total employment in 2008. Even the region's established manufacturing companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Tyco, AugustaWestland and DuPont are powered by a knowledgeable workforce that continually innovates to increase productivity.

The Pennsylvania Convention CenterAs recently as 1990, the manufacturing sector accounted for 13.7 percent of the total non-farm employment in the region. By 2008, this share had fallen to 7.2 percent, below the U.S. share of 9.7 percent. The growth of the local knowledge economy has increased employment in Greater Philadelphia's private services-providing sectors by 459,300 jobs between 1990 and 2008. As these sectors continue to grow, it is forecast that they will add 330,100 new jobs by 2028.

Greater Philadelphia offers global access, a strong transportation infrastructure, a lower cost of conducting business than competitor regions, an educated workforce, an affordable cost of living and a good quality of life. Along with these, affordability makes this region the perfect place to start, expand or relocate a business.

A new way of thinking has begun to transform the region. Across Greater Philadelphia, people are working together as never before towards one goal of enhancing the local economy. Industries including education, life sciences, logistics, information technology, financial services, defense and others are creating meaningful bridges that, in the end, are strengthening our local economy through a growing mindset of regional collaboration.

There is a strong foundation of American values and strengths that resonate throughout the region. The enduring benefits of their collaboration, creativity and confidence offer more than a rich cultural and economic heritage. Greater Philadelphia is steeped in history, dedicated to progress and committed to the ongoing success of the American dream.

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