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Colleges & Universities

Approximately 90 colleges and universities in Greater Philadelphia provide higher education for roughly 368,000 full- and part-time students. These institutions graduate more than 66,000 students each year, and employ tens of thousands more people.

Greater Philadelphia contains two Ivy League universities, six law schools and six medical schools, along with schools in dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, optometry, podiatry and osteopathy. The region has eight seminaries, three all-female colleges and eight schools devoted solely to arts or music.

Higher education in Greater Philadelphia has always been on the forefront of the scholarly pursuits and technological advances. More than 40 faculty and graduates of Greater Philadelphia institutions have earned the Nobel Prize. Additionally, not only was the first computer, ENIAC, invented at the University of Pennsylvania, but also the mathematical basis for all current computer software programs was developed at the Institute for Advanced Study in New Jersey.

The following is a partial list of colleges and universities in the Greater Philadelphia region. For a more complete list, including addresses and degree programs offered, contact the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce publications department at 215-790-3792 and ask about the Hospitals, Colleges & Universities directory.

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