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Federal Taxes
National: 800-829-1040
Cherry Hill, NJ: 856-321-1328
Philadelphia, PA: 215-861-1225
Trenton, NJ: 609-989-0533
Wilmington, DE: 302-573-6343

City Taxes

Philadelphia, PA

There is a 3.93 percent tax on gross earned income for Philadelphia residents, regardless of where it is earned, and a 4.301 percent school tax on unearned income. Non-residents pay a 3.7242 percent tax on gross income earned working in the city. The real estate tax is $82.64 per $1,000 of assessed value. There is also a 4 percent real estate transfer tax (3 percent Philadelphia and 1 percent Pennsylvania).

Business Privilege Tax: 215-686-6600
Real Estate Tax: 215-686-6442
School Income Tax: 215-686-6600
Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Rebate: 215-560-2056
Questions only: 1-888-222-9190
Wage Tax/Earnings Tax: 215-686-6600

Trenton, NJ

There is no city wage tax. The property tax rate is 6.6% percent per $100 of assessed value.

Property Tax Deductions: 609-989-3083
Tax Assessor's Office: 609-989-3083
Tax Office: 609-989-3070 (choose City of Trenton Tax Office)

Wilmington, DE

The city wage tax is 1.5 percent of total gross income. Property tax is a low of 1.44 percent to a high of 1.6 percent of the actual market value assessed by New Castle County depending on the school district.

Administration: 302-576-2400
Property Taxes: 302-571-4320
Wage Tax: 302-576-2418 or 2415
Business & Head Taxes: 302-576-2415

State Income and Sales Taxes


Eight separate classes of income are subject to an annual income tax of 3.07 percent. A 6 percent state sales and use tax applies to items and services consumed or sold in Pennsylvania. An additional local sales and use tax of 1 percent collected in Philadelphia.

215-560-2056 |

New Jersey

The income tax is a graduated tax ranging from 1.4 percent ($0-20,000) to 8.97 percent on taxable income over $500,000. There is a state sales and use tax of 7 percent.



Tax rates on personal income are graduated between 2.2 percent and 5.5 percent for incomes between $2,001 and $60,000 and are 5.957 percent for incomes over $60,000. There is no state sales tax.

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