Commuting Services

Pennsylvania suburb-to-city commuters and inner-city travelers can participate in the region's free Share-A-Ride match program. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission operates Share -A-Ride within the five-county area of southeastern Pennsylvania. This free, computerized commuter match service will put you in contact with other commuters in the area who are going your way. Visit for more information on this program.

TransitChek is another value program available to commuters. It's a benefit program that employers can extend to employees to help pay for transit commutes. The transit voucher program rewards employees and employers with tax breaks for using public transportation to commute to work. The program capitalizes on federal legislation that enables tax-free dollars to pay for transit fares.

TransitChek vouchers can be used to purchase tickets and tokens for the following transit agencies in Greater Philadelphia: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit, DART First State, Capital Area Transit and Amtrak (monthly commuter tickets only). For information visit or call 215-592-1800.

Do you want to know what traffic is like, or if your rail line is running on time? Then become a SmarTraveler user! Check out for up to the minute local transportation information. If you are in your car you can tune into KYW (1060 AM) on your car radio for "traffic on the 2s" or call #211 from your cellular phone for Greater Philadelphia area traffic information.

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