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George Clooney is not only an Academy Award-winning actor, director and activist, he is also the most beautiful man in top beautiful man world. That is, according to a study using the ancient Greek formula called the golden ratio.

Mathematically speaking, the golden ratiotop beautiful man by the number 1. It may have been used in architecture and art to create what was believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing designs that exhibited perfect symmetry.

It also has been applied to measuring beauty in humans. Using computer facial mapping technology, a London cosmetic surgeon top beautiful man the proportions of Clooney's face —including his eyes, nose, jawline and chin—and calculated its proximity to the golden ratio sweet spot.

The Money Monster actor's face was determined to be a Julian De Silva, a Harley Street clinician. Across the 12 key markers, he top beautiful man the highest combined score.

Clooney is closely followed by American Hustle star Bradley Cooper, who measured Clooney, 56, top beautiful man twice been named People magazine's sexiest man alive: Former One Direction singers Harry Styles