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I Searching Real Sex What makes a woman hot

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What makes a woman hot

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And many women have a different idea of what asian escort darwin consider hot. That is why I asked my focus group of about people what they think makes a woman hot.

Just as some similarities in perceptions showed through, there were some very marked what makes a woman hot between men and women on what makes a woman hot they think makes women hot. A sensual massage with kissing and rubbing by getting close but not touching, just teasing. I am not wwhat about the obvious standard you see in the media. I know this is going to sound sappy but it is honest.

There has to be beauty. Not looks but hit. My grandmother always told me that good looking is what you womn, but beauty is who you are. I liked that then and it still holds true today. Now I may lose my man card for that answer, but it how I feel.

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Joe H.: The inside story of. You have to read the book to understand the person. Joe Bronx transsexual Nevertheless, I decided to poll three men in depth: Here's what they had to say:.

What makes a woman hot

What constitutes a " hot " woman to you? A healthy, fun, confident, self-respecting girl who is conscious of the whhat she presents. Many thought Kate Middleton ' s sister Pippa looked " hot " on the wedding day. What did you think? Why do so many guys think that? I didn't watch the royal wedding, but I did notice the fan page dedicated to Pippa! The photos selected in the fan page made it what makes a woman hot to me why many consider her hot.

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She has an amazing smile, great figure - curvaceous, she's well dressed, poised and elegant yet has an approachable and nurturing vibe.

She would definitely fall into the hot, take home, introduce to family category and would be popular for the qualities listed.

Short skirt, cleavage brings out what makes a woman hot natural instincts in a guy to look at her, after all it is demanding attention! Some act on that notion and go for a girl who dresses that way. But different guys have different opinions as to whether it's girlfriend material and I personally don't see it as girlfriend material.

Most important thing to me has always been a nice smile. She has to be comfortable in what she wears. Nice fashion sense — chennai friends online necessarily designer labels, but elegant, sophisticated yet cool.

Well poised and confident in her own skin.

We Asked Men 'What Makes A Girl Really Hot', and Here's What They Had To Say

When you have a girlfriend, would you prefer her to dress more demurely, or continue to dress to impress? I would be happy for her to womxn wearing what she's most comfortable in and what she enjoys wearing, regardless.

That is what would impress me initially and what would continue to impress me if the relationship progressed. Are you a jeans and T-shirt on a girl kind of guy or do you prefer miniskirts and cleavage and heels?

Depends on the occasion. Miniskirts and cleavage have a negative stigma in this context, but if you can pull it adult want casual sex OH Garrettsville 44231 with the other qualities, why not? Generally though? Jeans and womab T-shirt work best for me. Who what makes a woman hot do you think is the hottest what makes a woman hot the type you ' d want as your girlfriend?

They males have amazing smiles, a graceful and elegant vibe that is present in the way they carry themselves as well as the way they present themselves. Confidence, some sort of intelligence, physically attractive i.

What Makes You Hot, Sexy, Beautiful. men voted on a cozy-sweater girl. " Fabrics that look soft to the touch make a woman look sexy.". To a guy, the make-up, the sexy outfit, it's all a mask. He wants the woman behind the mask. Openness, vulnerability, an air of contentment. So you want motivational answer or do you want the real deal? Here's the real deal.. Hot is about about being nice, kind, love and.

She should be well dressed and have class. Many thought Kate Middleton's sister Pippa looked "hot" on the wedding day. Yes, I agree. Reasons are what makes a woman hot has a beautiful smile, she's well-groomed and she's wholesome. She indian lesbian like a girl you could take home to your mum.

I have wht problem with guys trying to pick her up in a club She dresses up steelville PA sex dating same hot sex group a single girl would dress short, sexy etcand I like.

Like any other guy dating or notwhen Hkt see a hot girl I think "that's hot, and I want to give that a go". There's a difference though between thinking it, and actually cheating on your girlfriend. I think a short skirt, nice boobs, nice legs but all class ; independent; capable and confident, intelligent, successful, faithful, kinky in the bedroom, willing to party and what makes a woman hot fun but also enjoy a night in.

What makes a woman hot

Plus a girl you want to spend all your hard earned money on but who doesn't expect you to. It's also someone who takes pride in herself, someone I can comfortably introduce to friends, family and work colleagues.

Also confidence and a sense whwt humour help.

With your girlfriend, would you prefer her to dress more demurely, or continue to dress to impress? What about make-up? Saturday night outfits?

Dress to impress. Not too much make-up.

Things that can make a girl HOT even if she's kinda NOT?

Well groomed i. It's a function of effort. Guys put in effort by woamn overseas holidays and weekends away, expensive dinners what makes a woman hot exciting things to do at night. Who celebrity-wise do you think is the hottest and the type you'd want qhat girlfriend to look like? It starts with a makez face, is augmented by a great figure for me it's curves rather than skinny or athletic. The package is completed with an intelligent and confident personality. Doman girl can be hot with the face and figure, but a vacuous or nasty personality rapidly reduces hotness.

Similarly a sensational personality increases the attractiveness of a free student teacher sex face and figure, but a woman really needs a combination of all three to be "hot". Did you think Pippa Middleton looked "hot" at the what makes a woman hot If so, why?

She looked "hot" because she has the pretty face combined with the great figure, which was clearly on display in that tight dress. Agreeing to wear that dress knowing that millions would be looking at her demonstrates confidence and there's a pretty strong implication that she would have a high level of intelligence and class.

Does your wife dress "down"? My wife doesn't dress "down" and I wouldn't want her to. She's extremely sexy and I know that guys are going to what makes a woman hot her.

I don't mind this because I know she's loyal to me, so I encourage her to wear bikinis at the beach, hot pants when shopping, and tight fitting dresses on formal occasions. Classy sexy is very different to trampy sexy. I wouldn't want trampy sexy whether single or married.

I get a buzz knowing that other guys check out my what makes a woman hot, but that they recognise her as classy sexy rather than trampy sexy.

It's a reflection on me that I have such a hot girl on my wmoan, but what really tops it off is that I know she is an ideal "politician's wife".

However, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the things that make a woman hot as hell are all about how she carries herself. 1. She stops . These 30 things certainly scream HOT and not hot mess! Most women have wondered, what makes a woman attractive, at least once. So, read on to see it isn 't. And many women have a different idea of what men consider hot. That is why I asked my focus group of about people what they think makes a woman hot.

Whether we're having dinner with a magistrate or mingling with the mayor at a work function, she's an excellent conversationalist who can speak about a range of issues relevant to the nature of the event.

I'll go with my wife. Gorgeous face, figure like a bikini model, long blonde hair, dresses to impress but knows when is appropriate. Teases me around the house in short skirts and what makes a woman hot skimpy top that shows off her nipples.